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Mathematics Assessment


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The purpose of the math assessment is to help us and you determine your level of preparedness for mathematics and math-related courses at Stony Brook University. It is important that your score accurately reflect your level of preparedness and ability, because you will be most successful at the university if you take courses best suited to you.

In order to enroll in a mathematics course, or a course with a mathematics prerequisite, all new students must demonstrate the appropriate level of mathematics proficiency. This is done by taking a mathematics exam or its equivalent (appropriate transfer credit, AP scores, etc.) New students must take the placement exam prior to signing up for classes.

The online assessment requires a browser with javascript enabled. Most modern browsers are supported, but using a phone is not recommended.

Here are some frequently asked questions, complete with frequently given answers.

If you have difficulties, you can email us at assessment@math.stonybrook.edu.

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