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Math Assessment Levels


Use this table to find which math course you should take, based on your level on the self-assessment or the proctored placement exam. Notice that some scores allow you to choose among several courses. Also, you can always take a course at a lower lever, unless you already have credit for that course. For example, a student who got a level 5 with a major that doesn't require calculus might prefer to take MAT118 instead of MAT131. You can find out more about the various courses by following the links.

Level Corresponding Math Course
1 MAP101
2 MAP103
2+ AMS102 , or MAT118, or other courses.
3 MAT118, MAT122, or MAT123
4 MAT125 or MAT130
5 MAT131, MAT141, or AMS151
6 MAT126
7MAT132, MAT142, AMS161, or MAT171
8 MAT127, MAT132, MAT142, AMS161, or MAT171
9 beyond freshman calculus

If you place at level 2+ and plan to take calculus, you should retake the proctored mathematics placement exam after doing a thorough review of the appropriate material. If your placement level is still 2+ after having retaken the exam, and you want to study calculus, you should take MAP103, which will provide you with the best possible preparation for future calculus courses.

If you place at level 3 and want a single semester overview of calculus, you should take MAT122. If you do not need to take calculus, and wish to do only a single semester of mathematics, you should strongly consider MAT118, which will provide you with a more general overview of mathematics. If you place at this level and plan to take more than a single semester of calculus, you should take MAT123.

Students who score a level 3 or above on the proctored exam also satisfy Stony Brook University's Entry Skill 1: Basic Mathematics Competence.

Receiving a score of level 6 or higher satisfies the univeristy's Diversified Education Curriculum graduation requirement in Mathematical and Statistical Reasoning (DEC C).

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